Has your OBESITY gene been turned on?

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Did you know that you may have a gene in you that will cause you to hold on to weight?

A study out of Duke University took identical twin mice and separated the brothers and sisters into two groups and exposed one group of twins to BPA which is found in plastics, cosmetics and many other sources including canned foods.

BPA is known for its ability to turn on obesity genes. 

The twins given the toxin BPA, despite exercising and eating the same diet as their twin brothers and sisters, became obese. The BPA triggered the obesity gene called the “agouti gene”.

The agouti gene when turned on will cause obesity, heart disease, inflammation and even hair to turn dry and yellow. The scary part of this study, is they watched the offspring these obese mice and they found that their offspring were born doomed for obesity because their “agouti gene” was turned on from their parent’s toxic exposure. They became fat teenage mice despite exercise and the same diet as their thin twins.

Before you go blaming your parents for activating your agouti gene, understand that this study is massively helpful to us. We know that if you can stimulate the gene with toxins, that you can turn that gene off with pulling those toxins out and adding specific nutrients back in.

The study also looked at what nutrients the agouti mice were lacking and if they added those nutrients back in would it shut off expression of the obesity gene.  They gave the mice something called methyl groups, which methylate DNA to turn off the fat gene. When they did this they became thin again and even their new offspring remained thin as well. Methyl groups are part of a product that I utilize with patients called MORS.

So here is my weight loss advice to you today. There is a science to weight loss. You have to find the right combination of foods, supplements, and movement that is right for you. Weight loss is not a one size fits all situation. You need to know what exactly is off in your body in order to get your body to release weight.

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I’m cheering you on!

Dr. Mindy