Raise money for nonprofits that support, protect, and provide opportunity to women around the world.


Give Like a Girl mission is to raise $500k for 10 women focused nonprofit organizations. If every woman in her community can donate just one dollar to these organizations, so many more women around the world will have access to the support, opportunity, resources, and human rights they deserve.



VOW for Girls

The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade

Finding Sophia

Give Like a Girl Story

Over the years, Dr. Mindy’s teaching on health and wellness has attracted an audience of motivated women, eager to share in her mission to empower women to believe in their bodies. Realizing the reach and passion of this community, she decided to use her platform as a voice for women focused nonprofits around the world. Dr. Mindy has launched the Give Like a Girl Campaign to do just that. With the launch of this campaign, she is replacing all product based advertisements across her platforms with promotional content that brings awareness to nonprofit organizations who focus on empowering, protecting and providing opportunities to women and girls.

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