My Favorite Health Tools of 2017

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Many of you know that I am obsessed with teaching you about health.

When I first started my practice, there were no smartphones, laptops, or social media. It’s hard to believe, but the internet was just beginning.

Back then, getting current health information was not easy. Even though that was a slow and time-consuming process, I would read as much as I could to keep up with new research. Because it was difficult for patients to be informed about their health, many were at the mercy of the information their doctor would give them.

Then everything changed. Smartphones, high speed wifi and social media hit every household. Suddenly, information about your health became more accessible. If you had a specific health concern, you could now research it yourself, chat with others on social media, and become your own expert.

It has been a HUGE game changer for your health.

But it’s also confusing and overwhelming. Questions I hear many of you ask are…

  • Where do I start?
  • Who do I trust?
  • How do I know what is accurate, science-based health information?

These are questions I have seen you all struggle with. So in 2015, I made it my mission to empower you. It started with my books The Reset Factor and The Reset Factor Kitchen, and then it evolved into FB Lives. Next year, it will evolve again into a podcast, so stay tuned.

All of the information I put out is to empower you! To teach you how to drive your own health.

In 2017, with the help of FB Lives, I have been able to teach you all so much. I am blessed to have an incredible community of patients and online followers who are all walking the journey of health together. I have learned so much about which health tools are working and which are not.

To ensure you get the most out of the information I provide, I thought I would summarize my favorite health tools of 2017. These are the tricks and tips that I used with my patients that got the best result for their health. Some of the tools can be used by yourself to improve your health and some of them need to be part of a multi-therapeutic plan.

Remember your health is a unique puzzle. These are just a few of many phenomenal tools you may want to avail yourself of to help you thrive in today’s world.

Here you go…

My favorite health tools of 2017.

Ketogenic Reset

I am a science gal, and there’s no doubt that the science behind the ketogenic diet is impressive. I’ve written many blog posts about this diet. You can find them archived on my webpage. My favorite tools to help you succeed at this diet are:

1. Carb Manager app  – to track your carb and fat count

2. Precision Ketone Reader – to track measure your blood sugar and ketones

3. The Ketogenic Cookbook – for meal plans

4. Sweet and Savory Fat Bombs  – for high-fat snack ideas

Microbiome Reset

Researchers are just starting to discover all the mysteries of the microbiome and how the bacterial world controls our health. One thing we discovered is that there are many different bacterial worlds living in and on our body and that they all need to be treated differently. So this year I implemented a complete microbiome reset kit for my patients that included:

5. Restore – to heal a leaky gut.

6. Restore nasal spray – to replenish helpful bacteria in your nasal cavity

7. Skin colonizer  – to add good bacteria to your skin microbiome

8. Revtin toothpaste – fuel for good bacteria in your mouth that will help you break down sugars

9. Gut Zoomer Test – to help you understand pathogens and bad bacteria that live in your gut


Fasting Tools

As a community, we went through two 4-day fasts together. The research on how fasting reboots your whole immune system is impressive. Tools that I used to help people make it through a 4-day fast with ease were:

10. Precision Ketone & Blood Sugar Reader

11. MIN – a mineral supplement to help while you’re fasting

12. The Complete Guide to Fasting by Jason Fung


Energy Reset

Energy production is controlled by two parts of your body: your adrenals and your mitochondria. I taught my community to repair both. My favorite protocols for repairing these two systems are:

13. Adrenal Repair Protocol  – a one- to four-month supplement process

14. Methylation Protocol – a one-month mitochondria repair protocol


Brain Reset

You’ve probably heard me talk a lot about nootropics, neurotransmitter balance, and the gut-brain connection this year. I like quick fixes and there’s no doubt that the protocols below are magic:

15. Happiness Formula  – a great protocol for balancing serotonin, dopamine, and GABA

16. CALM  – for giving you more GABA to calm your brain

17. Neurosyn  – my favorite nootropic for brain clarity

18. DREM  – a special blend of melatonin that will help you sleep and even give you wild dreams

19. Calm App – for those of you that want to start a 10-minute meditation practice

20. The Code of The Extraordinary Mind – Hands down my favorite book of 2017

21. Essential oils for stimulating memory and mood centers of the brain


Detoxing Tools

You’ve probably heard me say “We live in the most toxic time in human history.” So we all need to incorporate detoxing in our health plans. My favorite detox tools are:

22. BIND – activated charcoal for when you drank too much or over indulged

23. Cytodetox  – for crossing the blood-brain barrier and pulling out heavy metals

24. Kids detox protocol – for gentle detoxing for kids

25. Heavy metal test  – to learn if you have levels of lead, mercury, or aluminum in your body

26. 15-Day Detox  – with a further simplification of the supplements outlined in The Reset Factor


My favorite foods & drinks

I’ve found some really cool new food and drink products this year that make living a healthy life a whole lot easier. They include:

27. Camano coffee  – organic, mold-free coffee that tastes great

28. Bulletproof bars – my favorite on-the-go, high fat snack

29. Epic meats – high protein meat snacks that won’t take you out of ketosis

30. Dry Farm Wines  – low sugar wine without glyphosate, pesticides & harmful yeasts

31. Thrive Market – online discount health food store that’s perfect for the busy person


Muscle & Joint Repair

Again, I like quick fixes. These supplements are the best joint repair products I have ever seen:

32. JOT, KYRA, & ARTA  – my favorite combo for musculoskeletal pain. Take two of each every day for a month


Cold and Flu Fighters

These are my medicine cabinet musts. When you or your family feel the flu coming on, use this trio:

33. Lauricidin®, Vit A, Vit D – powerful immune combo. The protocol is three scoops of Lauricidin and two caps of Vit A & D supplements. Take at the first sign of a cold coming on.

So there you have it….33 of my favorite health tools!

Personally, I think giving the gift of health is the best gift you can ever give. If you have any questions about any of these tools, reach out. I am here to help!

Cheers to a holiday filled with love and a healthy New Year!

As always, I love being on this journey with all of you!

Dr. Mindy