All this week I will be bringing you the most current research on the microbiome of your gut.

There is no doubt the microbiome of your gut is powerful.

Your gut bacteria control:

  • your moods
  • your cravings
  • your pain levels
  • your metabolism
  • your immunity

Next, to your nervous system, your gastrointestinal system is the most important system in your body. So what are you doing to keep it healthy?

Take a probiotic, right?

If bad bacteria destroy your gut, then good bacteria must help it.

Well, unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Here is what I teach my patients about their gut microbiome:

1.  It’s about DIVERSITY

It’s not the number of good bacteria that count in the gut, it’s diversity. You have trillions of different bacteria in your gut. Three pounds’ worth to be exact. When you take a probiotic over and over again, you are only helping an extremely small percentage of those bacteria.

Solution: Mix your probiotics up. Get good bacteria from many different sources…food, supplements, etc. I recommend my patients switch their probiotics every 90 days.

2. TESTING is key

Bad bacteria isn’t the only problem you will encounter in your gut. Bad fungi called Candida may be affecting you as well. Or perhaps you have a parasite and don’t know it.

How do you know what you have? That’s a great question! This is why I test all my nutrition clients in my office. I can’t tell you the number of cases of Candida that we have caught from testing. Treating Candida is totally different than treating SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). Once you test, you can find the quickest path to repairing your gut.

Solution: Get an Organic Acids Urine Test or a GI Effects Test by Genova

3. Don’t forget to FAST

Do you want to know the most powerful way to kill bad bacteria in your gut? Fast.

Last month I did a group 4-Day water fast with my clients. The effect on their guts was powerful. Long-term gut issues cleared up in days.

What happens to your microbiome when you fast? You starve the bad bacteria and they die. After a 4-Day fast your gut is ready for good bacteria.

I like to look at it like you’re weeding a garden then replanting it.

When you take a probiotic without killing the bad bacteria, it would be as if you planted flowers on top of weeds. You will never completely solve the problem.

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I will be posting videos there all week on gut health, what you need to look out for, and how you can heal yourself from gut imbalances.

Hope that helps.