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Our mission is to  change the future of health for the generations to come.  

Dr. Mindy’s Free Learning Platforms


Home of Fast Training Week

Welcome to our monthly fasting community! On this platform you have the privilege of watching Resetter TV Episodes LIVE and have the opportunity to submit questions for our guests ahead of time.

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You can find all of Dr. Mindy’s daily life habits on instagram! Posts about daily motivation, favorite recipes, great health tips, and more can be seen on instagram!

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You will find thorough education and science behind top health concepts such as diet variation, fasting, detox, keto, hormones, and more! This is truly a learning platform where you can educate yourself for free! Fast training week is also lead on this platform.

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Education ⊕ Self Guided Plan

Run one of one of Dr. Mindy’s favorite tests and get a personalized interpretation and customized recommendation of your results.

Reset Academy

Education ⊕ Self Guided Plan

The Reset Academy is an amazing educational platform who are wanting to work on their health in a group environment, with Dr. Mindy. She has several online courses, posts special weekly tips, and hosts two live calls every month where you can get your questions answered.

Women's Reset

Education ⊕ 15 Day Experience

This is for the woman that wants to be coached through the 15 day metabolic reset LIVE, with Dr. Mindy, in a group environment. You will experience many different types of diet variations and fasting during this 15 days so that you can unstick your metabolism. Sign up to be notified of our next event.

Health Consult

Education ⊕ Plan

A health consultation is for the person who would like their health history analyzed by Dr. Mindy and given customized steps and direction to put you back on the health path you desire. This health consultation is a 45 minute appointment and is $357. To sign up, click here.

Home Reset

Education ⊕ Plan

Could household toxins be undermining your health? Home Reset services can help evaluate your current living environment, household habits and commonly purchased products, so you can reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and create a healthy home that supports you and your family’s well being.

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Comprehensive Programs with Dr. Mindy 

Ultimate Reset

Education ⊕ 90 Day Experience

The Ultimate Reset: This is a three month program is designed for those who want to detox heavy metals, mold, and environmental toxins from their body.

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Platinum Coaching

Education ⊕ Plan ⊕ Experience

Platinum Coaching Programs: This is Dr. Mindy’s 1-1 coaching program for clients that want a personalized path back to health and wants Dr. Mindy to personally coach them through the experience. Please contact if you would like to apply. The initial starting process is $597, and if you do qualify for a coaching program they can range anywhere from $6,000-$12,000.

Executive Coaching

Education ⊕ Plan ⊕ Experience

This is for the high performing individual that wants to be personally coached by Dr. Mindy on all areas of health and performance. This year long health program is designed to not only bring your health back tot he highest level, but to give you endless energy and brain power for you to perform at your highest. Dr. Mindy only takes on a small amount of clients through the year for this comprehensive coaching program. Please contact if you’d like to apply for this program.  The initial starting process is $897, and programs start at $12,000.

Dr. Mindy's Office

Education ⊕ Plan ⊕ Experience

People travel to our office from all over the world to use our cutting edge, biohacking tools. View our office website for more information.

Family Life Wellness Center. 

Education ⊕ Plan ⊕ Experience

Events and Speaking 


If you have a podcast or show that you would like to have Dr. Mindy on, please reach out to her keeper of all things time, Jessica at [email protected]


If you have a summit that you would like to have Dr. Mindy on, please reach out to her keeper of all things time, Jessica at [email protected]

Live Event

Our next live event will be on January 11th, 2019. To stay up to date on any future events please make sure that you are on our email list!


I would love the opportunity to come speak at your event/seminar/workshop. My objective would be to leave your audience inspired and ready to take charge of their health. I can speak on a variety of topics related to health and am more than happy to tailor my content to your event. Please reach out to Jessica at [email protected] to get my speaker kit information.

Testimonials 11

Thank you Dr. Mindy for coming to my company to talk about taking our health back into our hands. Because of that fateful day my husband and I lost a combined 27 lbs in a little over 2 months. It has affected us in ways we couldn't imagine.

Sheryl T.

Testimonial 10

I just want to share some good news... I had my thyroid tested Saturday and I am in the normal range! Woot-woot! I quit taking my meds back in December last year and all is well. The 45-Day Reset has helped make this difference. Thanks!!!

Cindy M.

Testimonial 08

Today my energy levels went through the roof! I have lost a total of almost 20lbs. This is more than the goal that I had in mind and I am feeling great. I love my healthy diet, the sugar cravings are gone, I never want to go back to where I was.

Wendy P.

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