Is It Time To Detox Heavy Metals?

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As many of you know, I feel strongly that we all need to include detoxing into our health plans. Even if you are cautious of the foods you eat, the beauty products you put onto your body, and the chemicals in your home environment, there are still thousands of toxins you are exposed to that you cannot avoid. Heavy metals fall into this category. Where do you get heavy metals from? Too many places to count. Heavy metals are found in the soils your food is grown in, your beauty products, your water, and old homes. Lead is stored in the tissues of your body, especially your bones. Lead will leach out of your bones at the time of greatest […]

Quick Tip: Resetting Your Thyroid

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Your thyroid starts to malfunction when you have the perfect storm of three conditions: damage to your gut, damage to your nervous system, and an overload of toxins. In order to get your thyroid functioning again, you need to look at the following areas: 1. Your gut When hormones are released by your thyroid, they are absorbed in your gut. If the microbiome of your gut is damaged, you will not absorb these hormones. This is exactly what’s happening to those of you whose thyroid hormones appear normal on a blood test, yet you have all the symptoms of a thyroid problem. 2. Your neck curve There are more thyroid problems today than ever before. This is largely due to […]

Where Are You Being Exposed to Lead?

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The most common question I get about heavy metals is… “Where am I getting exposure to these metals from?” It’s confusing. And hard to believe when I tell you. But one of the primary places is your food. Even organic food. I like to make health concepts simple, but this is a subject that’s confusing. So bear with me as I walk you through this toxic exposure. To begin with, let me tell you that in my office we have tested hundreds of people for heavy metals. There are two metals that show up consistently: lead and mercury. Many of you know that mercury is in fish. In fact, I have heard a lot of you say you avoid fish […]

CDC Warns That The Flu Shot Is Not Effective

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One of my commitments to you is that I will keep bringing you the most current information on health. Yesterday, the Center For Disease Control made an historic announcement you need to know about. They actually admitted that the flu vaccine has not been working. And it hasn’t been working for years. A vaccine is effective if it prevents 90% of the people who receive the shot from getting the disease. Last year the flu shot protected only 42%. And the CDC has gone so far as to admit that for four out of the past seven years, the flu shot has been ineffective. This is especially true for seniors, arguably the people who need it the most. So why […]

Could daily SUN exposure save your life?

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Summer is upon us! With the long hot days of summer comes some really great opportunities to promote your health. Opportunities that you might miss if you don’t understand how your body works and what it needs. One of the things I love about the summer is that many of you will take time to rest, slow down, and rejuvenate. Your adrenals will thank you! I also watch so many of you run from the sun. Or lather up with sunscreen. Just like we have been scared into believing that eating fat is a horrible for our health, over the past few decades we’ve been taught that the sun is our enemy. That it can harm our health. Well today […]

Is your sunscreen toxic?

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Doesn’t it seem like everything you learned about health is completely wrong? We were told low fat was the key to preventing heart disease. Turns out its sugar that causes heart disease and that our body thrives on fat. Then we were told to stay away from salt because it will raise your blood pressure. Well actually, research is proving that sugar, stress, and a misaligned atlas will raise your blood pressure more than salt. And some salt is needed for normal thyroid function, like sea salt. Hours on the treadmill is the key to weight loss, right? No, actually 15-minute burst workouts raise your metabolism higher than long slow cardio workouts. The list goes on and on. Science is […]

The Mother Child Health Connection

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Ok Moms… I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Is there a connection between your health and your child’s health? Let me explain myself for a moment. I treat a lot of women with thyroid conditions, depression, anxiety, weight loss resistance, and brain fog. And as many of you know, I use a multi therapeutic approach to help these women reset their health. I do this because rarely is one symptom caused by one problem in the body. It’s usually multiple breakdowns in your body that create a condition. I have found that there are four areas in your body that go out of balance to create the above symptoms. These 4 areas include: Brain &/or nervous system Gut […]

How do you know if you need to DETOX?

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New toxins are being introduced into our environment everyday. We have and abundance of toxins in our food, water, air, clothing, furniture, cleaning products, and beauty products. These toxins were not present years ago. Unfortunately, the more these toxins buildup in your body the more damage they create. The three areas they damage the most are your liver, gut, and brain. Once these organs become overloaded your hormones will be thrown off, your immune system becomes depressed, your thyroid will be damaged, and you hold onto weight. Some of the classic conditions that appear from toxic overload are: trouble losing weight low energy depression anxiety brain fog insomnia chronic pain hormone imbalance malfunctioning thyroid infertility If you go to treat […]

What are you feeding your SKIN MICROBIOME?

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When I started studying the microbiome years ago, the information about it’s effect on our health was minimal. Yet in the past few years, science has turned to the microbiome to help us better understand the immune system, hormones and the brain. Some of the key health concepts we have learned by the recent studies of the microbiome are: 90% of the neurotransmitter Serotonin is produced there It controls 80% of the immune system An imbalance in the microbiome can trigger your obesity gene As more people have become aware of the power of the microbiome, many people are reaching for probiotics to solve their health problems. But researchers are now identifying that changing your microbiome is not as simple […]

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