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I’ve watched a lot of my people succeed at achieving their health goals. I’ve also watched a lot of people fail.

Everyone thinks being healthy begins by working on your body. Eat differently, start a work out plan, take some supplements, go see your chiropractor. Yes all those will help. But that’s not where you start.

If you truly want to reverse a health crisis, you have to start with your mind.

America is the sickest country in the world. Cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, autism, dementia, Alzheimers are ALL on the rise. What is it that is robbing people of their health? Why are so many people suffering?

It’s our approach. It’s the way we think about health.

We do nothing to keep ourselves health then try to repair it with harmful chemicals when it’s broken. Chemicals that are so harmful they have to take the last 30 seconds of a TV commercial to tell you about all the dangerous side effects.

If you want to change your health, you have to change your mind.

If you are in a place with your health where you are frustrated, scared, hopeless, here are my top three recommendations to get your life back.

1. Draw A Line In The Sand

I don’t mean go to the beach, although that is no doubt great for you! I mean today is the day you say enough is enough. Today is the day you make the decision that mediocre health, extra weight, chronic fatigue, or depression is NOT ok and YOU ARE going to change that.

Your body is a miracle. It can heal! It’s just waiting for you to make the decision to do anything and everything possible to give it the opportunity to heal.

The easiest people for me to coach and get healthy again are the ones that have had enough. But if you KINDA want to be healthy, you will never reach that place of EXTRAORDINARY health.

So draw a mental line in the sand. Today is the day you don’t put up with this anymore. Today is the day you will except no excuses, no doubts, no fears, and you will only accept a path that brings you your life back.

2. Get A Coach

Every professional athlete has a coach. CEO’s, entrepreneurs, even celebrities hire coaches. Why do they do that? Because they need someone to have a vision for them. They need someone to pull them forward when their mind gives them doubt. Big visions, big tasks require a team of people cheering you on and supporting you. If you want to be healthy or recover from a health crisis, stop trying to do it on your own. Get a coach or team of people surrounding you to lift you up, cheer you on, and make sure that you don’t fail.

I had an experience yesterday where the people I surround myself lifted me to a higher place.

One of the health habits I do on a weekly basis is yoga. I strongly feel yoga is a “workout” everyone needs to put into their weekly routine.

Unfortunately, I feel out of my yoga routine.

Luckily I have the most amazing yoga instructor who I know will come searching for me if I don’t show up at yoga. She cares so passionately about what she does and knows that it benefits me greatly that when I don’t show up, she holds me accountable.

Yesterday, I made a comment to her that I would be at her 5:45 yoga class. When 5 o’clock came around, the last thing I wanted to do was get in my car and drive through traffic to get to her. My mind started negotiating with me. Telling me it wasn’t that important to go. But then I realized I had made a commitment to her, I knew I didn’t want to let her down. So I went. And what an amazing class it was and I felt so awesome afterwards. That is the power of a great coach and support structure!

3. Create Steps

Once you have made up your mind you are going to be healthy no matter what, you have a coach or team of people supporting you, then create steps.

I do this in my office all the time with patients. Don’t try to tackle all your health problems at once. Create steps. For many of my patients there are 20 plus steps I am going to coach them through. But we start with step one and only focus on that step. Once that is accomplished, we move to step two. Don’t try to do the whole journey at one time.

For example, a great starting place for many people is to just STOP eating fake food. Fake food will kill you. So stick to fresh food. Food that is perishable. Once you have accomplished that you can go on to the next step.

If you have a HUGE desire to be well, but don’t know what steps to take, reach out. Me and my team are here to help.

Stay the course. Believe in yourself. I’m cheering you on!

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