The holiday season is upon us. - Dr. Mindy Pelz
November 11, 2016

The holiday season is upon us.

Unfortunately, this means obstacles will be thrown into your health plans over the next several weeks.

You have an opportunity to approach your health in two different ways; ignore it and deal with the consequences in January or have plan.

There are so many things to enjoy this time of year: family, friends, time off, vacations. Who wants to spend those moments not feeling well? And how many times have you gone on a vacation only to spend it sick in the hotel room. Not fun!

So if you are looking to enjoy your holidays and be healthy, here are three things you want to focus on.

1.Your Blood Sugar

When you eat sugar, you crave more sugar. And sugar will be all around you this holiday season.

The best way to keep fight off the sugar cravings is to increase your good fat. Good fats like organic butter, grass fed beef, salmon, avocados, raw nuts, coconut oil will give you energy and minimize your desire for sugar.

I highly recommend over 50% of your diet comes from good fat. Once you have increased your good fat, decrease your carb intake. A diet high in carbohydrates like breads, pastas, and even tropical fruits will cause your blood sugar to go up and down several times through out the day. Stabilizing your blood sugar is key to keeping your energy high and your weight down. A low carbohydrate, high good fat diet is the fastest way to stabilizing your blood sugar.

2.Your Gut

No doubt your gut will be exposed to some different foods. Many of those foods cause a condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Leaky Gut Syndrome is where your gut gets microholes in the inner lining and allows toxins to freely enter your blood stream. Your brain registers these toxins as foreign invaders and starts an inflammatory reaction. This can lead to chronic pain, loss of mental focus, and even depression. GMO foods are your number one cause of leaky gut.

Some easy solutions for LGS at this time of year- focus on eating organic as much as possible. Drink more bone broth. Bone broth has glycine and collagen in it that will help repair those holes.

3.Your immunity

Being sick at the holidays is NO fun. But there are several things you can do to give yourself a quick immune boost.

The first and most powerful immune booster I know is a chiropractic adjustment. Studies show that when your spine is adjusted it turns on your immune system by improving communication from your body to your brain. Research has measured an increase in powerful immune cells like CD-4, T-helper, and white blood cells with minutes after an adjustment.

Adding in supplements like Vitamin D, C, Lauricidin, and a high potency probiotic will also help boost your immunity.

With all the other distractions at this time of year, you want to keep your focus on those three things.

Hope that helps. Cheers to a healthy and happy holiday season.

Mindy Pelz
Mindy Pelz