My very BEST health tip - Dr. Mindy Pelz
May 17, 2017

My very BEST health tip

I am a very impatient person.

I like quick fixes and immediate results.

But unfortunately the human body doesn’t always heal like that.

So over the years I have learned tricks and tips to speed the body’s healing up.
And if you asked me what my number one trick is to accelerate your body’s healing power, I would answer with one word:


Stop and think about it for a moment. How many times have you gone on a new eating plan, gotten great results, and then plateaued? Or worse yet, start to go backwards. You didn’t change a thing, but your results stopped.

Or what about with working out. You start a new Zumba class and you instantly feel more fit. Your clothes feel different. And your happiness levels skyrocket. So you go to Zumba everyday. You become obsessed. But after a few months, you realize you have to work harder and harder to get the same result.


The body loves variation. But it can make it difficult to successfully navigate yourself through a health plan. So here are some of the steps I go through in my mind when I sit down and customize a health plan for a patient.


Are you cycling through low carb/high fat days, feast days, fasting days on a weekly basis?
Are you getting moving in and out of Ketosis?
If you are a woman, are you cycling your carbs with your monthly cycle, eating more carbs the days right before your period?
Are you varying your eating window? Is it always 11-7? Have you tried changing it to 12-4? Or what about 9-2?

Are you doing workouts that build muscle?
Are you doing interval training?
Do you have long cardiovascular days where you hike or run?
Have you incorporated yoga into your weekly routine?

Have you detoxed recently?
Are you doing different types of detoxing? (I have 4 phases I teach)
Are you detoxing multiple times a year?

Are you taking the same supplements over and over? (if so, please stop. You’re wasting your money)
Do you target different organs with your supplements? Adrenals? Hormones? Gut?
Do you have on and off cycles with your supplements?
Do you know why you are taking supplements and what you are trying to accomplish?

See variation is key to getting your body unstuck and constantly progressing forward with your health. The hardest part of variation, is knowing what to do next.

I have a couple of suggestions for you in customizing a health plan for yourself.


Watch my FB lives and pick one health tip and apply that for a month. Then watch another FB live and apply a different one I recommend. Keep trying new tips I give out. Push your body to experience something new.

2.Create a tribe

I mentioned this at my Women’s Health Talk last Saturday. If you have a group of friends that are all into health, work together to discover new paths to better health. You could all do the 45-Day Reset together, then learn to fast together, then try the ketogenic diet. But together you can hold each other accountable to trying new things.

3.Get Coached

For some of you, having someone else lead you through a health plan is a whole lot easier. Because so many of you are suffering with your health, and there are a lot of steps needed to bring your health back, I now do one on one nutrition coaching. If you need structure and accountability, reach out to my staff and they will find a time for us to connect.

What every path you choose, don’t lose hope. Keep mixing it up. Keep learning.

And know that I am cheering you on!

Have an awesome day!

Mindy Pelz
Mindy Pelz