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November 21, 2016

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With Thanksgiving week upon us, food is no doubt on everyone’s mind.

If you were at my last Reset Dinner, I gave you a strategy to apply this Holiday season that will keep you weight down, energy up, AND let you eat all your favorite goodies.

One of those strategies is…DON’T EAT LESS, EAT LESS OFTEN

I know this is counter to everything you have ever been taught about eating, but stop and think about it for a moment. Are people getting thinner or heavier? Is obesity on the rise or declining in our country?

When you really think it through, you will see that our old ways of approaching nutrition are broken. And research is proving to us, that eating many small meals a day doesn’t speed up our metabolism, it actually makes us weight loss resistant.

If you want better health, you need to do the 180 degree opposite of what everyone else is doing.

So what does don’t eat less, eat less often mean?
You want to compress the time period in which you eat your food. Instead of eating all day long, you want to have a 15 hour time period where you are in a fasted state (no food only water) and 9 hour period where you are feasting.

A semi-fasted state does something miraculous to your body. It repairs your cells. It lowers inflammation. It unblocks receptor sites. It can pull you out of weight loss resistance and QUICKLY.

A feasted state also can be beneficial. Especially if you are giving your cells high quality nutrient dense food. I call this feasting period MITOCHONDRIAL MANAGEMENT.

Your mitochondria is the part of the cell that produces ATP. ATP gives you energy. If your cells are not producing enough ATP, you will not have enough energy to heal or function normally. It’s crucial that you keep your mitochondria healthy.
During your feasting period, I recommend my patients get over 50% of their food from good fat and eat as many vegetables as they can possibly get down them. This will allow the mitochondria to thrive.

This approach to your nutrition can make the holidays quite easy. If you know you are going to eat a big Thanksgiving meal, be sure you have fasted 15 hours before the meal.

If you felt like you overindulged on Thanksgiving, then do a 15 hour fast the following day.

It’s that simple. Give it a try.

If you have trouble going 15 hours without food, there are many strategies to accomplishing that. Reach out, I’m here to help.

Have a happy holiday week!

Mindy Pelz
Mindy Pelz