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September 09, 2016

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Come DETOX with us!


There are two times a year that it is crucial to detox; January and September.

Most people know they need a detox in January because it is right after the holidays, but many don’t realize that September is just as an important time to release toxins from your body.

Just like nature changes seasons, our body goes through times in the year where old cells are dying and new ones are forming. September is one of those times.

Many people have built up a higher toxic loads over the summer because of time off, BBQ’s with friends, travel, and changes in routine. The days are also getting shorter. The weather starts getting cooler. All of this signals the body to regenerate itself, making it a perfect time to detox.

This is why we are launching a 15-Day COMMUNITY DETOX at our RESET DINNER on September 22nd at 6pm.

That night I will be go over several important detox principles:

•Why it’s important to detox?
•What is actually happening in your body when you detox?
•How do you know if a detox is working?
•Do you always have to feel bad when you detox?
•How do you pick what type of detox is best for you?
•What can you expect to feel when you detox?
•Strategies for making a detox the most effective.
•How to lose the most weight when you detox.
•The fastest way to beat your sugar addiction on a detox.
•What do you do after you detox?
•How do you detox when you have social events?
•Should kids detox?

Plus, I will be going over the current research on detoxing. Since we live in a more toxic world than ever before, more and more research is coming out on the best way to pull today’s toxins out of your body.

I am having the night catered by The Patio Kitchen which specializes in Reset Factor approved foods. So not only will you get the information you need to detox properly, you will get a healthy and yummy dinner.

As a community we will start the 15-Day Detox on Saturday, September 24th and will continue detoxing until October 8th. I will go over what supplies and foods you need at The Reset Dinner. The reason we are doing this as a community is because detoxing is always more fun and a whole lot easier when you have a good support system.

I also have a Facebook community group page that all detoxers will be have access too. On this page recipes will be shared. You can ask questions. I will be posting daily inspiration. You can get support from other detoxers. And gather ideas on how to have the best detox experience possible.

If you want to join us please RSVP to or call our office at 408-298-8092 to reserve your spot. We do have a maximum capacity we can hold in our office, so call soon to ensure your spot. There is no charge for the Reset Dinner. You can bring friends along as well who are ready to detox, just tell us the number of guests when you RSVP.

I’m excited to be on this health journey with you all! Reach out if you have any questions. Me and my team are here to help.

Happy Detoxing!

Mindy Pelz
Mindy Pelz