The health secret your MD should have told you - Dr. Mindy Pelz
March 09, 2016

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The health secret your MD should have told you

When you walk into your medical doctor's office, he or she has one objective. To give you a diagnosis.

Once you are labeled with a diagnosis then he knows which medication to give you. One pill.

Well I have news for you. It's not that simple.

Symptoms exist in your body to tell you something is wrong.  Masking those symptoms with a pill will NEVER solve the problem. Pills will create short term relief for long term consequences. If medications were the answer, then why does one medication lead to another and to another?

Here is the conversation your MD should be having with you.

"You are not feeling well, we need to figure out WHY. We need to figure what is broken so that we can repair that. We need to look at what physical, emotional, and chemical stresses you have had throughout your life and understand the trauma your body has been under to lead to your health today. Then we need to create a plan to repair those breakdowns."

The body is a masterful healer. But that healing capability is weakened by your lifestyle. 

Recently, I had a patient come to me and tell me that she was a "train wreck" from what the medical model and her lifestyle had done to her. One pill, one problem was how she took care of her health for years. Decades of managing her health this way had lead to more medications, more surgeries, more suffering. Her pain, fatigue, weight gain, mental fogginess, depression was at an all time high. She landed in my office out of answers.

I have been working with her since December to undo the toxic stress the one pill, one problem mentality put her body under. She has had to work hard to dig herself out of the health hole she had been in. Detoxifying her body has been a rough ride for her. I have received many emails from her frustrated and feeling horrible as her body worked hard to repair itself.

But she hung in there knowing that her body will heal.  Last night  I received this email from her:

Just thought I'd send you a positive note.

Heartburn: gone
Cough: mostly gone.
Runny nose: mostly gone
Fatigue: significantly improved
Pain: significantly improved
Bloated abdomen: significantly reduced
Red, sore tongue: gone
Constipation: significantly improved
Joint pain: gone
Discontinued Effexor
Insomnia somewhat improved
And I've lost some weight!

So far so good. I'm so pleased with my progress.

Thank you for healing me and getting me on the road to health and vitality. 

The secret to health is understanding WHY your body has broken down. Then create a lifestyle that will repair it. You are powerful, your body is designed to heal. You just need a path to heal. 

NEVER GIVE UP!! Keep taking steps forward. Keep treating your body like the miracle it is.

I'm cheering you on!! I'm here to support you on your health journey. Reach out if you are lost or frustrated. There is ALWAYS an answer.

Have an amazing Wednesday and I will see many of you at the TOXINS TALK tomorrow night!

Dr. Mindy

Mindy Pelz
Mindy Pelz