One health habit that will change your life - Dr. Mindy Pelz
January 06, 2016

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One health habit that will change your life

new year's resolution

92% of people are going to fail at achieving their New Year's Goals and Resolutions.

Over the past few days, I have asked patients what their New Year's Resolutions or goals were, and most people laughed and said that they didn't do resolutions.

Why is that? The sad reality is when you fail at something enought times you give up.

If your New Year's resolution is to travel more or learn a new instrument, and you give up on it, it will most likely impact your life very little.

But if your New Year's goal is to change a health habit and you give up on it the impact on your life can be HUGE!! It can be the difference between getting a cancer diagnosis or not. That's how crazy important your health habits can be!

See here is where so many people go wrong. They see the health habits they want to create as OPTIONAL.

"I really should start working out, I just don't have time"
"I know I should be eating better, but I am addicted to sugar"
"I want to lose weight, but it's hard"

I hear people say this all the time. Excuses hold them back. But if they were given a life threatening diagnosis today, they would drop everything in their life to change that diagnosis.

So what can you do to breakthrough the mindset that holds you back?

1. Never look at your health habits as optional - Live each day like you have a cancer diagnosis. I know that sounds crazy, but my point is that be motivated. It's a whole lot easier to take care of your health before the crisis than when you are in the crisis. Just ask anyone who has been there.

2. Create a support system - If you want to be healthy, stop hanging around unhealthy people. Ok, I know, another harsh statement. But if the people you hang around don't make health a priority, eventually you will stop making it a priority.

3. Build a routine around it - How many of you succeeded at working out over the holidays? Very few, I'm sure. Why is that? Because your routine was off. When you build something into your routine, then it becomes effortless. If you know that every Tuesday afternoon you go to yoga, you go. You don't have to think about it, you just do it.

If you want to turn your health around in 2016, but know that you have hurdles to overcome, join me at our CREATE YOUR BEST LIFE EVER event on January 23rd at Family Life Chiropractic. I am committed this year to YOUR health goals and helping you breakthrough the thoughts and habits that hold you back.

If you have a deep desire to be healthy, reach out. Too many of you are suffering with poor health and are scared to make a change. I am here to help. I have seen every excuse, every obstacle, every health condition you can imagine. I know the body repairs itself. All it needs is YOU to make the decision today to change.

Have an amazing Wednesday!

Dr. Mindy

Mindy Pelz
Mindy Pelz