5 Ways To Get Rid Of Joint & Back Pain - Dr. Mindy Pelz
July 26, 2017

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Joint & Back Pain

We’ve had a lot of request lately.

People want to know what we are doing in our office to help people heal so fast.

My office manager, Jessica, and I have been answering emails, facebook messages, and phone requests for our nutritional protocols.

And if you know me, you know I like to keep things simple,effective, and easy to apply.

Yet we live in a time where getting healthy has become complicated. One problem, one pill solutions are no longer working. Our bodies are getting more physical, emotional, electrical, and chemical stress than ever before.

So I had to come up with new protocols to meet the new demands of the human body. And I had to simplify it so that it was easy to follow and effective.

For the next few weeks I will be rolling out my protocols for everything from insomnia, anxiety, gut repair, pain, thyroid problems, hormone imbalances, etc. If there is something you want to know, email me and I will make sure I address it.

Today I want to help you solve muscle & joint pain.

Here are 5 things you can do to finally end your pain:

1.Line up structure

This is a no brainer. Whether it’s your back, knee, or shoulder the very first step you should take is to make sure the joint is in alignment. Only a chiropractor can do this effectively.

2.Remove inflammatory foods

What you eat causes your body to inflame. Some of you will feel it in your neck, some in your gut, some in your knee, everyone’s systemic inflammation will show up differently.

Simple solution, pull out all white processed foods.

White flour, white sugar, even white rice.
Change your oils from bad to good.
Stop eating fake chemical laden food.

For some of you getting off wheat flour altogether will change your pain levels.

3.Lubricate your joints

Your joints thrive on two things; water and good oils. Make sure you are getting plenty of good fat and drinking more water than you ever have before.

4.Repair the joint with herbs

For many of you the years of stress have damaged your joints. And even if you do the above steps, you still need to repair that damage that has been done.

I am super picky on the supplements I use. I want them to be effective and non toxic. Too many supplements have metals in them and other synthetic additives.

I use three supplements in combination to help my patients with disc, ligament, tendon, and joint pain:

Omega 3

JOT & KYRO are both by Systemic Formulas. They are a combination of herbs like Hawthorn Berry and Slippery Elm that nourish muscles, mixed with proteins like collagen, chondroitin sulfate, msm.

This combo has been crazy effective for knee, hip, and low back pain.

Omega 3,6,9 supplements lower inflammation. Especially in the brain and in joints.

Now here is the trick with supplements like this: your target the condition you want to resolve with high doses for a short period of time. Because of the potency of these supplements, they are not meant to be on them for months after months.

I recommend 4 JOT & KYRO combined with 3 grams of Omega 3 oils everyday for 30-60 days. After 60 days you stop the protocol.

5.Check Heavy Metals

Lead lives in your bones. With age and changes in hormones, it gets released from the bone.

This can cause more inflammation and pain in the joint.

If you have chronic joint pain and have done the steps above and you still feel bad, you need to look at your lead levels. We are seeing years of pain disappear when we detox the body from harmful substances like lead.
I want you to succeed at your health.
You deserve to live in a body that feels amazing!

If you want to try JOT/KYRO mix reach email Jessica at Jessica@familylifewellness.com

We are extending a 15% discount on that combo for next week for those of you who want to give it a test run.

As always, I hope this information helps you be a healthier version of you. Reach out if you have any questions.

Have an awesome day!

Dr. Mindy

Mindy Pelz
Mindy Pelz