5 ways to control the diseases you get - Dr. Mindy Pelz
October 07, 2016

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5 ways to control the diseases you get

What would you do If you found out that you were a carrier of the breast cancer gene? Remember when Angelina Jolie found this out. And she decided that a double mastectomy was her best option for prevention. Is it necessary to go to that extreme to prevent cancer?

Or what about those of you who know that you have heart disease, Alzheimer’s, obesity, or autoimmune diseases in your family. Should you panic? Is it effective to get on medication to avoid these conditions? What can you do?

To answer that question, I want to introduce you to a new emerging field in science.

It’s called epigenetics.

Epigenetics is the study of changes in your gene expression that happen from environmental impact.

What that means is what you eat, the toxins you are exposed to, and the stress your body goes through can determine what diseases you will be diagnosed with. Your lifestyle will literally turn on or turn off these genes.

Among, all the epigenetics research conducted so far, the most extensively studied disease is cancer.

“The evidence linking epigenetic processes with is cancer is becoming extremely compelling” according to researchers at the University Southern California’s Cancer Center.

This is great news! This means you have a lot more control than you have been taught.

So what can you do to NOT turn on these genes? Here are my top 5 solutions:

1.Care about the quality of your food

This is probably one of the most important health ideas I know. Fake, chemical laden food has proven over and over to contribute to cancer. Read the label of everything that goes into your mouth. If it has a chemical in it, do eat it.

2.Avoid glyphosate

This the greatest poison of our time! And yes, our food industry is spraying it on everything. Because of it’s adverse effects on our health, every other country has banned it. Not the good ol’ USA.

The only real way to avoid this ubiquitous poison is to eat organic.

3.Power up your immune system

Your immune system is not just for the fighting flu. It can also identify cancer cells when they appear. Too often we increase vitamin C and D when we feel a cold coming on. But there are cancer cells forming in your body all the time. Don’t just focus on health habits that power up your immune system when you feel sick. Have a plan in place to keep your immune system working at it’s best 24/7.

4.Heal your cells

Most people haven’t been taught what kind of nutrition their cells need. This is critical because when healthy cells weaken, they turn into cancer cells. Eating the right fats, increasing glutathione foods, and removing toxins is a powerful first step to preventing diseases like cancer.

5. Detox regularly

We live in the most toxic time ever. If you haven’t done a detox recently, it’s time. The accumulation of toxins is now being linked to diseases like Alzheimer’s, autoimmune conditions, and most cancers.

Join me on Saturday October 15th at our Cancer Prevention Workshop.

I am calling the event “The Don’t Get It Plan” because I am going to show you how to heal your cells, what type of detoxing is the most effective, and how you can create a life that will never turn on these genes.

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You sit in the driver’s seat of your health! You CAN control the diseases you get. You just need a plan.

Cheers to a disease free body! I will see you all on the 15th.

Mindy Pelz
Mindy Pelz