If you want to get WELL, you have to fix the CELL - Dr. Mindy Pelz
June 13, 2016

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If you want to get WELL, you have to fix the CELL

If you have been following my newsletters for awhile, hopefully you have learned lots of great ideas on how you can improve your health.

I recently had a patient tell me that he had lost over fifteen pounds. When I asked him what he had been doing, he said “Applying the principles you teach in your newsletters.” That’s awesome!! I love hearing when you all are empowering yourselves and making smart health choices that yield you great results.

We have all heard the saying that “knowledge is power”. Nowhere is this more true than with your health. If you want to stop the chronic pain, finally lose weight, regain your energy, and feel good again, you are going to have to start learning the key principles to healing.

One of those principles is IF YOU WANT TO GET WELL, YOU HAVE TO FIX THE CELL

What does that mean?

You have over 72 trillion cells in your body. You need these cells to be healthy so they can perform key processes in your body. Some of these key functions these cells perform are:  activate hormones, give you energy and produce essential vitamins and minerals.

If your cells get damaged, you will get sick.

So what do your cells need to function normally?

There are three very specific conditions your cells need:

Good Fats

The outer membrane of your cells needs good fats to keep it soft and flexible. Without good fats, the membrane will become rigid. Once this occurs, toxins can’t get out of the cell and nutrients can’t get into the cell. The cell then becomes inflamed making you feel tired, in pain and mentally foggy.

Many of you are adding more good fat into your diet and seeing miracles happen. This is because your cells membranes are becoming permeable again. Toxins are finally exiting the cell and nutrients are able to get in for the first time.

One of the protocols that I use to help people get out of pain, is high doses of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. When you increase your Omega 3 Fatty Acid consumption, you nourish the cell membranes and inflammation will go down.

Low Sugar

Sugar is poison to the cell. When sugar and insulin go up in your body, it causes your cell membranes to inflame as well.

One of the quickest ways to destroy your cells is a diet high in sugar and low in fat. This type of diet will make your cell membrane rigid, trapping toxins inside the cell and blocking nutrients to get into the cell.

I watch people heal fast, when they pull sugar out of their diet. Immediately the inflammation of the cells comes down and the cell can function normally again.

Toxin Free

Toxins are destroying your body. And many of you are not even aware of it. Toxins in your food and environment attach to receptor sites on the outside of your cells and block key hormones from getting in. Receptor sites are like a door that opens, so that hormones can come into the cell and perform their predetermined function. If the door is locked, the hormone can’t get in.

This happens often with thyroid conditions. If your cell receptor sites are blocked by toxins, your thyroid can produce the right amount of hormones or you can take a thyroid medication, but the hormones can’t get into the cell to be used.

Same thing happens when people are insulin resistant (aka weight loss resistant). The body produces enough insulin, but the receptor site that allows that insulin to get into the cell is blocked by a toxin.

If you want to get well, you have to start pulling toxins out of your body.

In fact, this is such a key healing step that I am now including a cell detoxification plan with every patient I work with. It is near impossible to get well in today’s world without detoxifying the cell.

If you are living in a body that feels horrible, start with these three steps above. Increase your good fats, decrease your sugar, and start a good detox program.

Tomorrow night from 6pm-7pm at my office I will be going over which toxins destroy your Thyroid. Join me to get a clear picture on how you can start to get your thyroid to function normally again.

Reach out if you have any questions or need help in anyway. 

Have an happy and healthy day!

Mindy Pelz
Mindy Pelz