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May 27, 2016

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BBQ proof your BODY

Many of us have all been there. 

You start a health plan, get great results, and then a holiday weekend hits. The temptations of yummy barbeques, tasty desserts, and drinking with friends becomes plentiful.

If you are not careful, Monday night will roll around and your body will not be feeling well. You will have lost momentum with your health plan. And the old storys you tell yourself about how you never succeed at being healthy start again.

So how do you make sure that you don’t lose momentum with your health this weekend.

Here are some of my top suggestions:

1. Follow the 80/20 rule

Those of you who have done the 45-Day reset program, know I am a huge believer that when you want to make dramatic changes to your health you need to follow a program at 100%. That means you follow it exactly how it was laid out for you. People who get the best results with my 45-Day reset do exactly that.

But once your health is in a great place, you can follow the 80/20 rule. When you are living life from 80/20, it means that eighty percent of the time you eat healthy and twenty percent you do what ever you want. Over a course of a week this equates to about two meals a week.

If you know that you are going to be tempted by many health harming food this weekend, commit to the 80/20 rule. This allows you some flexibility, but doesn’t cause you to fall completely off your health plan.

2. Eat more good fat

At last nights at Power Hour talk, I spoke about how important good fat is for your brain and body. Good fat speeds up your metabolism, helps your brain function properly, and makes you less hungry.

If you know that when you go to a BBQ, you are easily pulled into the goodies at the buffet table, eat a meal high in good fat BEFORE you go to the event. If you are less hungry when you go, you are less likely to fall off your health path.

3. Intermittent Fast

Intermittent fasting is a powerful tool to lower inflammation in your body, reset your metabolism, increase your energy, and stop your cravings. If you haven’t tried intermittent fasting, I highly recommend it.

What you do is go fifteen hours without food. At first this sounds crazy, but if part of the time is when you sleep, it’s not that hard. Stop eating at 7pm and don’t eat again until10am. If you are doing the 45-Day reset I recommend your first smoothie is at 10am and you follow that with your first meal a few hours later.

You will be amazed at how this one strategy will put you quickly into a fat burning zone.

4. Support your gut

My favorite trick for helping my gut breakdown unusually food is to always have a bottle of enzymes close by. The proper enzyme supplement will breakdown dairy, wheat, bad oils and minimize the damage these foods can have on your gut.

I recommend taking an enzyme before you go to a BBQ and have a few when you come home. Anytime you leave restaurant or event and your stomach is not feeling well, pop an enzyme or two and you will be amazed at how quickly you will feel normal again.

It’s better than Tums or other harmful antacids. Here is my favorite enzyme supplement:

Hope that helps! Have an amazing holiday weekend!

Mindy Pelz
Mindy Pelz