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WHY you still don't feel WELL


You deserve to be healthy.

You deserve to live in a body that is pain free, full of energy, and free from disease.

You deserve to be the weight you want to be.

You deserve to have a mind that thinks happy thoughts, is at peace, and allows you to sleep through the night.

You deserve to live a life free from medications, surgeries, and scary diagnoses.

So why aren’t you?

Why are you having trouble losing weight? Why is your energy so low? Why are you having panic attacks and anxiety that grabs you out of nowhere? Why are you in so much pain?

Well if you were at our Reset Dinner last night, you learned why. If you weren’t at our dinner the talk is on Periscope for the next 24 hours or you will find it on my you tube channel in the next few days.

Until then, let me summarize why so many of you are struggling with your health.

You have to fix the cell in order to get well

Your body is made up of 72 trillion cells. These cells have a wide variety of functions, but many of them give you energy, carry hormones, burn fat, and make your organs function properly.

What is happening to so many of you is that your cells are damaged. The outer lipid membrane of your cells are inflamed. Instead of being porous allowing toxins out of the cell and nutrients into the cell, your cell membranes have become rigid. Holding toxins in and keeping nutrients out.

You also have receptor sites on the outside of the cell that allow hormones like insulin, T3, and leptin into the cell to be used for your benefit. With an inflamed cell membrane, you block these receptor sites and make it extremely difficult for these beneficial hormones to get into the cell. Leaving you with hormonal swings, gaining weight, and with a thyroid that is malfunctioning.

If you want to get well, you are going to have to fix the cell.

So what damages the cell and causes it to be so inflamed?

Three things: Bad fats, too much sugar, and toxins.

The 45-Day Reset is an amazing starting place to repair your cells. I have you take out the bad fat, add in necessary good fat, lower your sugar, and begin to remove harmful toxins that are blunting these receptor sites. It is one of the quickest and best ways I know to fix the cell.

But what I learned since The Reset Factor came out was that I was missing one step. I needed to consider what type of toxins were clogging these receptor sites. This is when I learned of true cellular detox.

See, so many of you are exposed to heavy metals.

The three worse ones being mercury, aluminum, and lead. These metals are in your mouth, your water, your beauty products, your food, your flu shots, and your child’s vaccines. These metals block the cells receptor sites and cause the outer membrane to inflame.

If you want to get well, you have to pull these metals out of your body.

But how do you know if you have these harmful metals in your body? I am a true believer in never guessing with your health, but always testing and letting your body tell us what it needs.

I have put together a series of 4 tests that will tell us exactly what heavy metals are high in your body and which ones are at normal levels. Tests like this would normally cost thousands of dollars at your doctor’s office, I offered it last night for only $97. Most everyone in the room made the decision to get tested.

If you were not at the event and you want to get to the root of why you are not feeling well or why you are not losing weight, I will extend the $97 testing offer till the end of today.

After that the price is going significantly up.

Many of you want to get your kids tested. Some of you asked about relatives and friends who live out of the area. Yes, we can test them too. It’s $97 for each person we test. (shipping charges may apply to out of state)

Just reply to this email and let me know you want to be tested or email me directly at drmindypelz@gmail.com.

As always, I am dedicated to your health. I will not stop until you and your loved ones live in the body you deserve to live in.

I know some of the information that I present can be overwhelming. I know it’s hard to make changes in your lifestyle. But I promise you the results will be AMAZING!!!

Reach out if you need anything.

I am here to help.

Mindy Pelz
Mindy Pelz