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February 10, 2017

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#1 Reason People Fail At Health

The human body fascinates me.

In fact, the more I study it, the more in awe I am of how miraculously our bodies were designed.

If you have been following my emails recently, you know that I am so excited by what researchers have recently learned about the self healing power of fasting. How crazy cool is it that our body will eat the worn out cells when in a fasted state. We are built with our own detoxifying mechanism. I love that!

But what fascinates me even more than the human body, is our mind. After coaching thousands of people back to health, I am convinced more than ever that health starts in the mind.

In fact, I would go as far as to say …The number one reason people fail at any health plan is because they don’t start with their mind.

Let me explain myself.

There are many great diets and exercise plans out there. But why don’t they work for everyone. Why can one person go on a detox and get great results, and someone else goes on the same detox and gets no results.

There are 3 reasons to explain this:

1.You need a customized path

When it comes to health plans, there is no one size fits all. Everybody is different. Everyone’s reason for feeling bad is different.

This is why in our office we follow the mantra “don’t guess, test”. That way we know what exactly your body needs and you can build a plan around YOUR body needs.

If you are frustrated with your health, not getting the results you want, and losing hope, it’s time to test. Then you can build a plan customized to you!

2.Stop looking for a quick fix.

Whether it’s the 15-day detox, 30 days’s no sugar, or a 3-day fast, there are no quick fixes. I called our 45-day plan a reset, because I wanted you to understand that it was an opportunity to start fresh again.

Look at a detox or fast as a launching point. A chance to do over. Once you do the detox, now you can live a healthy life.

I always say that the most important day of your 15-day detox is what you do on day 16. It’s at that pivotal moment that you determine the direction your health will head.

3.You need a multi-therapeutic approach

Many people fail at their health plans because they are looking for the magic bullet. I have some really sad news for you …there is no magic bullet.

When you go to point your health in the right direction it will require that you use several health habits to get your health back on track.

We see miracles all the time in our office. The reason for that is that I use several modalities to get people pointed in the right direction. And when I coach a patient one on one, I keep switching those modalities around.

If you are frustrated because you did a detox and are not feeling better, don’t give up! There may be other pieces to your health puzzle you need to add in to get the results you want.

Keep these three things in mind whenever you start a health plan.

You can heal no matter what your genetics are, the diagnosis you have been given, the failures you have had in the past or the obstacles that stand in front of you.

Don’t give up on yourself! Reach out if you need help.

I’m cheering you on!

Mindy Pelz
Mindy Pelz