10 Ways To Reset Your MEMORY

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I have one goal:

To teach you simple, effective, science based health tools

You have a busy life. I get it. Yet, if you are living in a body that doesn’t feel or function well you have the ability to change it. And change it quickly.

Years ago we had to go to our doctor to get answers to our health problems. Now we have access to much of the same information our doctor has right at our finger tips.

For example, if you sat down at your computer right now and googled memory you would find thousands upon thousands of studies, recommendations, and tricks for improving your memory.

The challenge is which study should you believe? Which tip works best for YOU? How do you decipher what is a gimmick and what is a helpful tool?

That’s why I am starting a series called My Top Ten.

I will be taking common health challenges and giving you the most effective tools that I am see working for my patients.

I will be going into detail about these top ten on my FB lives. You can access these videos from the links below. I will also be posting a infograph of the top ten on my webpage, so you can have a quick reference when you need it.




Keep in mind that with many health challenges it takes multiple steps to fix a problem. So you might have to apply three or four of these tips to get a change in that health condition. Some of you might have to apply all ten.

These tips are not quick fixes. They are steps you can put together to solve a problem.

Reach out of you need any help. As always I am here to make sure your health is pointed in the best direction possible.

Dr. Mindy’s Top Ten Ways To Reset Your Memory

  1. Stop eating processed sugary foods
  2. Minimize your alcohol intake
  3. Drink bulletproof coffee
  4. Get on the ketogenic diet
  5. Fix your leaky gut
  6. Improve your brain lymphatics
  7. Detoxify heavy metals
  8. Supplement with natural Nootropics
  9. 10 minute daily meditation
  10. Increase BDNF levels thru high intensity exercise

Cheers to a healthy day!

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