You were born in a miraculous body. My goal is to empower you to make lifestyle choices that not only improves your health today, but keeps you healthy for years to come.  All the information that you will find on this site is backed by my extensive scientific research mixed with years of trial and error within my own practice and household. Please reach out if you have any questions on anything you find on this page. I love hearing from you and know that I am cheering you on!

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Who is Dr. Mindy?

Hey there! I’m Dr. Mindy, and I am crazy passionate about the health of our community. I’ve been working with families in Silicon Valley for the past 20 years, and my mission is to provide them the tools and knowledge they need to keep their families healthy and disease free!

Having two kids of my own, I am deeply concerned about the toxic world that our children are growing up in today. I believe that healthy adults start with healthy children, and in this day in age, parents need a better solution for keeping their kids healthy!

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